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How Granite Is Mined

 Granite mining is a huge and massive industrial process which starts with unmasking a granite deposit. Once the granite deposit is exposed open cast mining is the usual way to exploit the reserves. Granite is then taken out from the mine. This process in itself is very difficult. Granite is usually drilled or cut then hammered into divided individual blocks which are then lifted to the surface of the Earth from mine with cranes to be transported to a nearby procedure plant.Actually granite is mined from the earth's crust in large blocks which are then transported from the mine to a granite processing facility for cutting.
They transport granite from the mine in shape of large blocks which can weigh up to 10 tons, to close by cutting equipment where they are cut and increased to sizes that can be worked with and used easier. From the processing plant granite is loaded into containers and shipped around the world. When the granite reaches its destination it is burdened onto HGV’s or other ways of transport and delivered to granite manufacturer companies who further cut and polish the granite.
Polishing granite is done in multi-stages;beginning with a very rough step diamond polishing pad the granite starts the first stage of polishing. Once the first stage is finished the process is repeated using a less course diamond polishing pad and repeated a number of times using finer grade pads. As individual cutouts of your countertops are made from your granite the process is then repeated again but this time by hand to achieve the desired completion.


Because of the structure of granite, it is never exposed by blasting because this might break the granite. There are two methods; Drilling and Jet Piercing are utilized to cut the granite out of the quarry. When Drilling, vertical holes are drilled about one inch apart to the desired depth (up to 20 feet), and the granite remaining among the holes is later removed by secondary drilling.
When Jet Piercing, a high-speed 4,000 degree flame like a blow torch is directed at the granite to be removed, causing a continuous flaking step. As the flame nozzle is moved back and forth, a deep hole is created in the granite stone. Granite is much like wood because it has a grain. In one direction granite can be separated, but in the other direction it must be cut.

The Quarrying

The first course performed in granite mining is deciding on the layout the granite exposing. This is based on the easiest way to break the granite on the base of its natural grain. The structure and natural seams of the granite is assessed for proper layout with the least amount of wasting.

For learning how to mine the granite stone:

High Quality Granite is a special resource gathered by means of the Mining skills. It is often also informally referred to as simply granite or as stone. Once the ability to do so has been learned by reading the book "Mining for Quality Stone", Granite may only be gathered by a grandmaster (GM) miner. This book may be purchased by any character, regardless of the level of their mining skill.
This book is a single-use item. Once read by a grand master miner, it is destroyed. Learning this new ability does not need any additional skill points nor affect skill cap, but awards a grand master miner the ability to mine for stone too.
Stones can be mined in all ore colors. If an iron vein is being mined, the granite will always be iron colored. If the ore vein being is colored, the granite color will be either iron or match the color of the vein (Dull Copper, Shadow Iron, Copper, Bronze, Golden, Agapite, Verite and Valorite).
The granite mined prior to Publish56cannot be stacked and weighs 10 stones per chunk. It could only be obtained one unit at a time. Currently mined Granite weighs one stone, is stackable, and can be quarried in multiple units per each dig.