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Why Granite Is The Best

The benefits and disadvantages of granite

Here are some of the most important disadvantages and benefits of granite that you must know:
a)    The appearance is not uniform or in regular formation. These stones are coming right out of the earth and are not perfectly designed by nature, but they directly designed from the depths of earth! For some people this will be a benefit and good point while other users will consider it to be a disadvantage.
b)    Granite countertops will need to be sealed before they are used, that is to say that because of its holes artificial sedimentations shod fill it and this will need to be repeated year after year for until when you own the countertop. Granite is a porous (means holey) stone and can only be considered to be stain-resistant if it has been sealed fittingly. Although some people only seal their granite countertops every three years, it’s best to ensure you and be safe and to do it yearly. If for any reason the sealant on the counter gets compromised or destroyed for any reason, your countertop can get stained.
c)    Countertops made from granite are really strong and durable but you should not consider them to be indestructible. Granite is a natural rock and like other stones can break or scrap if subjected to heavy abuse or maltreatment. Though for regular everyday activities, and with proper and consistent maintenance, this is a countertop which can last for a lifetime and beyond.
d)    The stones are heavy and required to be installed by a professional installer. Don’t even think of hiring your neighborhood handyman to put in your new countertop to save a few dollars because you will regret.
e)    It’s impossible to hide the seams in a granite counter. Expect the seams to show up once it has been installed.
f)    The samples that you see in brochures may slightly differ from the stone that you receive. Keep in mind that these are naturally occurring slabs and waves on it so the samples cannot be a true 100 percent reflection of the same stone you are ordering. There may be color variances or occlusions in the stone you receive that gives the slab a slightly different appearance in term of shapes or colors.

Comparing the cost

When it comes to choosing between for example a quartz countertop and one that’s made of granite the cost can be the main and the biggest consideration. If you’re like most people, you have a budget that you’re trying to adhere for your countertop material.
There’s no doubt that with each of the products you’re going to have to pay many money and be digging deep in your pockets. A slab of granite is usually priced starting at $60 a square foot but the prices raise quickly from this point. For buying quartz countertops, you’ll generally be paying anywhere from $67 up to $95 per square foot. For example to buy a 28 ft.² counter made from quartz you’ll have to budget for approximately $2200 to $3100.
In most cases when it really reaches buying you will finish up paying more for granite unless you find something in the $60 range that you love. Prices can be various according to the manufacturer, the pattern and the color of the granite slab. Fortunately, during recent years, since they first made their appearance on the market, the prices on granite countertops have come down significantly.
Granite can often end up costing a bit more than quartz because it is a natural rock. This means that the complete slab needs to be quarried from the earth as one block of stone. This extraction along with the transporting of the product consumes a lot of energy, time and ultimately and mainly money which is the one that we want to compare here. When it comes to granite slabs, you’ll need to be willing to pay the price for a thicker piece. The thinner the granite is, the weaker it will be as well and the sooner it will breaks or be destroyed.
Overall, you may have to pay slightly more for the granite countertop product, but the cost differences won’t be very significant. The important thing here is to choose a budget and then do your best to stay within it by choosing the quartz or granite stone that you think will look fantastic displayed in your home specially your kitchen.
Why does granite stone looks like to be so much more popular than other beautiful and igneous stones?
Many years ago in the 1990s, granite stone officially became a status symbol in the world of countertops. People had “made it” once they owned a counter that was made of natural stones specially the granite stone. There’s something about granite and it returns to nature appeal that simply cannot be replaced by any type of quartz, marble or stainless steel countertop.
It has secured its place as a must-have high-purpose stone and even nowadays it is taken to be more prestigious than its counterparts. Granite continues to be the best-selling natural stone which can be found on the market, even though quartz continues to gain ground and even now that the prices of Silestone and other quartz manufacturers have come along with granite. You can get some very good deals on countertops at Swedish chain of home furnishing stores with headquarters in Sweden and the Netherlands.

So the granite is the best because …
It is the one that you find the most esthetically pleasing fits into your budget and highlights the mood and ambiance you are trying to create in your home. Because when it comes down to it, there really is no wrong choice.